IEEE CEC 2007 Car Racing Competition

Julian Togelius and Simon M. Lucas

In association with the Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2007. There is a prize of 500 USD to the best competitor, generously sponsored by IEEE CIS (subject to at least five entrants registering for the conference).

Getting started
League table
Submitting your controller

Last update: September 19, 2007


For studies of applying artificial evolution and co-evolution versions of a similar problem (actually, using partly the same codebase) take a look at our previous papers: Evolving controllers for simulated car racing, Evolving robust and specialized car racing skills, Arms races and car races, but be aware of the differences when compared to the competition problem, especially the absence of walls. A comparison of evolution and td-learning for what is essentially the solo-car version of this problem is made in a paper that will be presented at CIG, Point-To-Point Car Racing. More related papers can be found on Julian's home page.
Other people who have published papers on learning controllers for various car racing tasks include Ivan Tanev, Pieter Abbeel, Mototaka Suzuki and Benoit Chaperot - tell us if you want to be included in this list.