IEEE CEC 2007 Car Racing Competition

Julian Togelius and Simon M. Lucas

In association with the Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2007. There is a prize of 500 USD to the best competitor, generously sponsored by IEEE CIS (subject to at least five entrants registering for the conference).

Getting started
League table
Submitting your controller

Last update: September 19, 2007

Submitting your competition entry

Your competition entries should be submitted by email to Julian Togelius.

As stated elsewhere, controllers written in any language are welcome, as long as they can be interfaced to an unmodified version of the simplerace package - directly if written in Java, through the TCP interface otherwise. In any case, the controllers must be able to run in real time on an Intel machine running either Mac OS X (preferred), Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP.

Please send your competition score, as measured using the CompetitionScore class, along with your submission; I will rerun the CompetitionScore to verify this figure.

You can resubmit your controller as many times as you like, in however modified versions, up until the September 20th 23:59 BST. However, bear in mind that it might take some time for us to update the league table, especially if we get many submissions concurrently, or your submission needs a particular operating system to run.
If you develop your controller using a combination of Java code and some learning algorithm (as will be the case for the majority of the contestants) the following submission format is strongly encouraged, in order to make life as easy as possibly for all of us:

A .zip file containing: