IEEE CEC 2007 Car Racing Competition

Julian Togelius and Simon M. Lucas

In association with the Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2007. There is a prize of 500 USD to the best competitor, generously sponsored by IEEE CIS (subject to at least five entrants registering for the conference).

Getting started
League table
Submitting your controller

Last update: September 19, 2007

Rules (incomplete)

Controllers are permitted to use only the information available from the SensorModel interface (plus Elementary java stuff such as timing), and communicate with the simulation only through the methods defined there and in the Controller interface. Any use of java.reflection of similar methods to directly access or influence the workings or internal state of a competing controller (or the simulation itslef) during runtime is forbidden and will result in disqualification. However, analyzing the behaviour of the competitor in order to outsmart it is permitted and encouraged.
The IEEE stipulates that the winner must be a registered participant of the Congress on Evolutionary Computation. Therefore, if the overall winner is not registered at CEC 2007, we will have to award the prize money to the best-performing competitor among those registered for CEC. The overall winner will still be the overall winner, though, and will be reported as such in the paper we plan to write.